The Norsca Difference

norsca-productsFinish your day as fresh as you started!
Norsca Anti-perspirant deodorants guarantee freshness so you can feel confident, fresh and revitalized all day long, no matter what challenges you face during your day!

Performance that lasts & provides all day confidence
The secret to Norsca's freshness strength is our "actigard" formulation. In addition to providing protection against perspiration and wetness, the "actigard" formula also eliminates odour-causing bacteria to keep you feel Norsca fresh for a full 24 hours.

Unique fresh fragrance
Available in a range of unique fragrances for men and women; Norsca Anti-perspirant deodorants combine cool, fresh, exotic and soothing scents to awaken your senses leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised - ready to face the world.

Norsca Anti-perspirant Deodorants
work as hard as you do, with refreshing fragrances that excite your senses!

Finish your day as fresh as you started!