The Norsca Difference

Norsca is an Australian made and owned heritage brand, drawing inspiration from the freshness of Scandinavia. Offering trusted formulations, based on over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Norsca delivers purpose driven, invigorating anti-perspirant care with a fresh twist on the Nordic exotic. Led by the classic Forest Fresh Series, Norsca has a range of classic fragrances that have been worn for generations.

The secret to Norsca’s freshness

The secret to Norsca's freshness strength is our "actigard" formulation. In addition to providing protection against perspiration and wetness, the "actigard" formula also eliminates odour-causing bacteria to keep you feeling Norsca fresh for a full 24 hours.

No matter what challenges you face during your day, you will be sure to be covered by Norsca so you can stay fresh and confident. Our anti-perspirant deodorants work as hard as you do, with refreshing fragrances that excite your senses!

For men and women

Available in a range of unique fragrances for men and women; Norsca Anti-perspirant deodorants combine cool, fresh, exotic and soothing scents to awaken your senses leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

The future of Norsca

Norsca cares about the environment as much as you do, that’s why we are becoming more environmentally conscious. We have made sure that our cans and caps can be recycled and that any innovations take the environment into consideration.

Our new range of 0% Aluminium anti-perspirants shows Norsca going into other need states for consumers so that we have a product to suit everyone’s needs. Stay tuned for more exciting innovations from Norsca…

Finish the day as fresh as you started!