Fefol Iron & Folic Acid Spansules

Prevent Iron & Folate Deficiency

Prevent Iron & Folate Deficiency

Fefol Iron & Folic Acid Spansules were designed for the prevention and treatment of iron and folate deficiency and helps relieve fatigue associated with iron deficiency.

Unique Formulation

Unique Formulation with Iron & Folic Acid

Our unique formulation contains folic acid, an ideal complement to iron, which helps with the production of healthy red blood cells.

Delayed-release Spansule Technology

Delayed-release Spansule Technology enhances absorption

Consisting of tiny wax coated pellets which release at different stages over several hours. This means more iron is absorbed compared to more commonly used, rapidly disintegrating tablets.

Reduce Likelihood of Nausea & Constipation

Gentle on the digestive system

Fefol is carefully formulated to reduce the likelihood of adverse gastrointestinal effects, often associated with iron supplementation.

Rate of gastrointestinal adverse effects of iron supplements

In a controlled randomised study of the gastrointestinal adverse effects of iron supplements, Ferrous Sulfate in a delayed-released preparation was shown to result in significantly less adverse effects than other forms of iron.