Europe goes Euro, with the Euro now the key currency in 12 European markets.

As experts in health and wellness, Pharmacare is keen to add the might of Bioglan and Pretorius to our supplements portfolio.


The world is terrified by the highly contagious SARS epidemic, infecting over 9000 people. The world farewells the Concorde, on her last ever flight.

It can’t be time to move again! With booming growth and sales, and the acquisition of Maseur Sandals (feet need love too) Pharmacare move to purpose built premises, with an even bigger warehouse.


Can you imagine a world without Facebook? Not anymore, with the launch of the social media platform that will revolutionise how we connect online.

Iconic brands Brut and Norsca join the Pharmacare family, and with some sales and marketing love, they are rediscovered by a whole new generation of users.


Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah’s couch declaring his love! Jennifer and Brad got divorced, and the world discovered Brangelina.

With our ever-growing expertise in health and wellness, let’s not forget about the body’s biggest organ – the skin. So Pharmacare buys Rosken and Aquasun. Also Everbronz and Fefol.


We start hearing the term “climate change” as fires burn and rain fails, worsening drought and bushfires across Australia. And we meet a little blue bird - “twitter” is born.

Hello Naturopathica and Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals – welcome to Pharmacare, our new brands with the acquisition of Cat Media.


The flip-phone is out, as a new, amazing phone from Apple is released – the iphone. Within 3 months of its release, over a million are sold.

Adding to Pharmacare’s impressive silo of skincare expertise, is the acquisition of one of Australia’s most trusted family skincare brands, Redwin.


"Credit Crunch” and “GFC” are the words on everyone’s lips, as the world financial crisis worsens, with economists likening it to the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

While the rest of the world hunkers down and takes economic cover, Pharmacare spreads her wings further and sets up Pharmacare Europe, with the acquisition of TNC UK.


The USA inaugurates Barack Obama, the first African American President of the United States. Closer to home, bushfires ravage Victoria, claiming 173 lives, and leaving thousands homeless during “Black Saturday”.

Joining the Pharmacare family is an office is sunny San Diego, USA, with the inclusion of Real Health Laboratories USA and “super brands” Sambucol, a popular cold and flu product with a world-wide fan base.


The year of the smartphone apps, and no app was bigger than Angry Birds. And do we need another gadget? Yep, we do – hello ipad! And in an Australian first, Julia Gillard becomes Australia’s first female Prime Minister.

We haven’t moved in a while – so it’s time to pack up and move – Again! Even bigger, better, and surely this warehouse is big enough! Our new home is 18 Jubilee Ave, Warriewood, and we love it.


Water-cooler discussions around the world are all about “The Wedding” of Kate and William. Kate’s dress. Pippa’s bottom. An estimated 2 billion people tune in to watch the Royal Wedding of the century.

Pharmacare acquires the worldwide rights to Promensil, one of the world’s most tested and trusted natural menopause-symptom relief products.


New words "twerk" and "selfie" are added to the dictionary, and the world welcomes a new pope and a new royal baby. The world also farewells freedom fighter Nelson Mandela.

With growing worldwide interest in the nutritional value of our food, Bioglan launches Superfoods. Nutrient rich seeds, berries, fruits and flowers help enrich Australia’s palate and how we think about food.


The world watches stunned as the Ebola virus becomes a global health crisis, killing over 6000. Sadly, in two separate Malaysian Airlines incidents, over 500 passengers lose their lives.

Pharmacare looks across the Tasman and opens offices in New Zealand. Up north, a new Thailand office also opens.


Australia stops and remembers our Anzac heroes, with the 100 year anniversary of the historic Gallipoli landing.

Core to Pharmacare’s success is innovation and imagination. New launches lead trends in health, wellness and skincare, including Curcumin to help fight inflammation, and Kombucha, a healthy fermented drink to care for your microbiome. We also set up a new office in the world's most populous country China!


The world is rocked by another viral outbreak – the Zika Virus. And even more rocked when the UK votes to “Brexit” the EU, and America votes in its 45th President, Donald Trump.

Pharmacare establishes a global office in Indonesia, to help cater to rising global demand for our growing portfolio of supplements, skincare and superfoods.


Serena Williams passes Steffi Graff for the most Grand Slam singles titles whilst 8 weeks pregnant.

Pharmacare opens another new office! This time in Thailand.


The #metoo movement gathers momentum. Meanwhile the world gets hotter – climate change is real. Prince Harry & Megan Markle wed.

Pharmacare launches Nature’s Way into Singapore, Hong Kong & New Zealand.