Home treatment

Home treatment

Because half of all warts will disappear spontaneously within two years, you could choose not to treat the wart. The body slowly builds up a defence against the virus. But in the meantime the warts can spread. And who likes warts? On top of that they can sometimes be painful, especially underneath the foot. Or they may be in an inconvenient location. That is why it is wise to treat them.
There are two methods for home treatment.

Freezing of the wart

Freezing of the wart: based on the method used by your General Practioner or dermatologist. The medical term for this is “cryotherapy”. This is also the fastest and most successful method to treat warts. Wart-Off Freeze works on the basis of this principle.

Treatment of the wart

Treatment of the wart with an acid such as salicylic acid. This acid is often dissolved in a cream, liquid or gel and after application the wart needs to be covered with a protective plaster. This is a continuous treatment, until the wart gets smaller or disappears.