How does it works?

How does it work?

Wart-Off Freeze is based on the method used by your General Practioner or dermatologist. The medical term for this is cryotherapy. This is also the fastest and most successful method to treat warts.

Instructions for use.

Position the wart upwards, so that the opening of the applicator (directed downwards) can be placed around the edges of the wart. Make sure that the edges of the opening fit closely to the skin.

To release the cryoliquid, press the dispenser firmly with the thumb 3 times in a row.
Keep the applicator on the wart for at least 10 seconds.

Take the applicator off the wart.
After this a slight pain sensation or tingling may be experienced.


Tips after use

After use, cleanse the opening of the applicator with a cleansing swab which is provided in the Wart-Off Freeze pack

If the wart is elevated and/or very sensitive after the treatment, one of the special plasters, supplied in the pack, can be used to provide extra protection.

Please note!
In most cases a single treatment will be sufficient. If the wart does not disappear within 2 weeks, the treatment can be repeated. Sometimes it may be helpful to soak the wart to soften it before treating it. Do not treat the same wart more than four times. (always leave two weeks between the treatments).

If four treatments fail to have the desired effect, it is best to seek medical advice. If you are dealing with a small cluster of warts that are close together, it is advisable to treat each wart separately, leaving an interval of two weeks between the treatments.