Use a metal comb and combing solution to detect and remove head lice and their eggs.


KP24 has different types of head lice treatments; the latest RAPID, medicated and natural treatments. Use a KP24 product to treat head lice and break their life cycle.


Use KP24 Egg Remover and a metal comb to kill eggs and remove them from the head.


Repeat the process after 7 days to effectively kill the cycle.


Wash bed linen and clothes in warm water with soaking solution to get rid of head lice from the home.

How to Use KP24

Where are head lice lurking?

Infected children can pass on head lice to family members, so they should be treated too.

Limit contact

Limit hair to hair contact amongst family and friends. When treating head lice, tie hair back to help prevent the spread of head lice.