What is a wart

Warts are caused by a virus. Do you suffer from warts? If so, then you are infected with the human papilloma virus (HPV). This virus creates a rapid cell division in skin. This creates benign thickening of the skin. This is inconvenient, especially if it happens in a visible place.

Many people come in contact with the virus at some stage in there life. Many people carry the virus but not everyone gets warts. People with less resistance are more susceptive and they may develop warts.
Such a development can take up to six months after the time of contact.

The virus spreads through direct skin contact and contact with damp floors such as swimming pools, exercise rooms, showers or changing rooms. Hence, the most common warts are found under feet and on the hands. Good hygiene is important to prevent contamination as much as possible. Family members of someone with a wart are at greater risk to come in contact with the virus for example through a shared towel or a door handle.

Scratching or nail biting increases the chance of spreading on one's own body. It is important to start treatment on a wart quickly to avoid new warts from developing and to prevent the distress that comes with warts.

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