White Ribbon Support

The ultimate masculine Mens personal care brand, Brut, is proud to stand up and speak out against domestic violence towards women, in a new partnership with White Ribbon Australia.

Starting Friday 1st September 2017, a donation from every White Ribbon specially marked can will go to the national charity to help stop domestic violence in Australia.

"We want all men in Australia to reflect on their core values, stand up and speak out against domestic violence against women – by wearing Brut, men can make a difference," says Mr John Donlan – PharmaCare Chief Executive Officer.

Brut recognises what defines a "man" in todays society. It's no longer just about who's the strongest, who works the hardest or how good at sport you are. It's about acknowledging the core values that Aussie men stand by and are proud of.

Respect for women, honesty, integrity, trust, equality and mate-ship are the values that BRUT stands up for.

Brut has a long-standing relationship with Australian men who use their products every day. Brut understands the role of men in changing some men's behaviour and attitude around men's violence and disrespect towards women.

White Ribbon's primary prevention initiative aims to stop violence before it happens, through education, awareness raising and by challenging ingrained attitudes and power inequalities that give rise to men's violence against women. Advocating social change, the initiative highlights the positive role men can play in reducing the occurrence of domestic violence.

BRUT is encouraging all Australian men to choose to support White Ribbon and by choosing Brut products commit to making women's safety a man's issue too.