About us

We are Australian and family-owned and proud of it.

As an Australian-born and built success story, we are proud of our heritage and remain a 100% Australian family-owned and operated business. 

From modest beginnings in an old warehouse on the northern beaches of Sydney, our PharmaCare founder began selling $1.99 bottles of shampoo to local pharmacies. PharmaCare has grown into one of Australia’s biggest health and wellness companies. We are proudly market leaders in the VMS, Skincare, OTC, Personal Care and Health Foods industries.

This tenacious attitude continues to permeate the PharmaCare culture, enabling us to grow and operate in over 40 countries, and thousands of pharmacies, supermarkets, department and variety stores all over Australia, Asia, America and Europe.

Today, we are still driven by the same foundational principles of Family, Health and Business. While our products are in high demand worldwide, our heart is Australian, our quality is Australian, and our spirit of honesty, hard work and entrepreneurialism is Australian. 



Our Healthy History

Core to our 30 + year history is a business built on the pursuit of possibility, a healthy competitive spirit and a desire to be the best.  

  • 1985 With just a handful of staff, and determination, PharmaCare is open for business
  • 1996 Having moved into new premises, our workforce steadily climbs
  • 1999 PharmaCare has a growth spurt with new brands including KP24, Invite E and Wart-Off
  • 2000 In a bold move, we acquire Nature’s Way
  • 2001 Another move to a bigger warehouse and the acquisition of Medi in 2001, Bioglan in 2002 and Maseur Sandals 2003
  • 2004 Brut and Norsca have joined the family and are reinvigorated in the market. We also bring Rosken, Aquasun, Everbronz and Fefol onboard in 2006. We purchase Cat Media and with that we say hello to Naturopathica, Skin Doctors and soon, Redwin
  • 2008 We spread our wings to set up PharmaCare Europe
  • 2009 A pivotal time opening an office in sunny San Diego, USA with the inclusion of Real Health Laboratories USA and super brand Sambucol. We move to our current Head Office and warehouse in Warriewood
  • 2011We acquire the rights to Promensil
  • 2013With a growing interest worldwide, Bioglan launches its ‘Superfoods’ range and we look across the Tasman to set up offices in New Zealand
  • 2014New health trends including curcumin are launched, and we set up offices in the worlds most populous country China! Closely followed by Indonesia, South Korea and Thailand
  • 2018Nature’s Way is launched into Singapore, Hong Kong & New Zealand. We also acquire Go Natural
  • 2020We expand into Vietnam. We welcome Bio Medica and Haliborange; the UK’s No 1 kids vitamin brand. The following year we purchase MedLab’s ‘practitioner only’ range
  • 2022We have expanded Nature’s Way into approximately 20 Asia Pacific markets

Sustainability Statement

PharmaCare continues to focus on building a sustainable future and is already making a positive impact across its products, the planet and its people, cementing PharmaCare as a resilient business for years to come.

We are members of the APCO.

Our Brands

Trusted global brands that stand the test of time.

Our brands are trusted, tried and true.
Both iconic and innovative, they can be found in homes all over the globe.